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History of 828

E828 was one of a batch of fifteen locos built at Eastleigh Works and completed in July 1927. The Maunsell version of the S15 class had a redesigned cab, increased boiler pressure, longer valve travel, and larger steam passages than the Urie designed S15 locomotives.The boilers were interchangeable between the Maunsell S15 and N15 class locomotives.
E828 was allocated to Salisbury shed for its working life of 37 years. All major repairs to E828 were undertaken at Eastleigh works. There are three observations of No.828 en route to Eastleigh works for overhaul. On 15th June 1934, No.828 was noted passing Eastleigh light engine, not entering the works until 30th June.
On 13th December 1939, No.828 was hauled to Eastleigh by class L11 number 406 and entered the works for overhaul on 1st January 1940. At the end of her career, No. 30828 was recorded as unserviceable at Eastleigh shed between 3rd and 10th September 1960, prior to transfer to the loco works after her final overhaul before withdrawal. When built, E828 was painted black with green lining. The first livery change was into green with black and white lining in January 1930. In 1942, No.828 was painted black with Bulleid lettering and the final change of livery was to BR unlined black in December 1949.

Mixed traffic
The S15 class was designed as goods locomotives, but were regularly rostered for passenger duties, including summer Saturday services and troop trains. The records of George Woodward and Tony Sedgwick at Eastleigh between 1934 and 1964 suggest that No.828 only worked occasional passenger trains in the Southampton area. However, observations by Peter Tunks at Honiton between February 1950 and April 1953 show No.30828 regularly working stopping passenger trains. The most regular services were 3.34pm Templecombe to Exeter Central and 3.05pm Salisbury- Exeter Central. On 5th September 1950, No.30828 had a moment of glory, working the 1.00pm Waterloo - Exeter Central express. Two regular passenger workings in the late 1950s for Salisbury allocated S15s were the 1pm Salisbury to Waterloo and 6.54pm Waterloo to Yeovil Junction.

Salisbury-allocated S15’s including No.828, regularly worked goods trains to Exmouth Junction, Feltham Yard, Eastleigh Yard, and Southampton Docks. Most goods trains that No.828 hauled were wagonload serrvices, which were reformed at marshalling yards en route. (Single commodity block trains were uncommon before the 1960’s.) A regular working for No.828 between1934 and 1939 was Salisbury duty 464, which comprised two round trips per day between Salisbury and Southampton Docks. The workings from Salisbury passed Eastleigh at 6.50am and 6.40pm. One unusual freight working was noted on 5th December 1936, when No.828 passed Eastleigh hauling a train loaded with rubble from the Romsey line for construction of the “new docks”.
No.30828 was withdrawn in January 1964 and sold to Woodhams Brothers at Barry Docks, where it arrived in June 1964. No.30828 was purchased for preservation and departed Barry scrapyard in March 1981.